Developing Green and Sustainable Electroplating for the Aerospace Industry

"With the Zeta Optical Profiler we can rapidly take multiple quantitative measurements over the entire surface of the substrates at a high accuracy which saves us time and gives us more confidence in our results. We can also capture high quality 2D images with an infinite depth of focus; meaning features at the top of the surface are in focus and the features at the bottom of the surface are in focus. The Zeta Optical Profiler does this with incredible versatility, it's very easy to change the magnification."


- Prof. Karl Ryder in an interview conducted by Jake Wilkinson



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Professor Karl Ryder, of the University of Leicester, is a leading academic in the field of electrochemistry. As part of his research he has been developing novel environmentally-friendly methods of electroplating the components used in the aerospace and automotive industry, which currently use hazardous and toxic solvents. AZoM spoke to Karl about the novel solvents his research group are developing for electroplating and electropolishing, and the integral roleoptical profiling plays in his research.