Automated 300mm Metrology

Automated 300mm Metrology


Fully Automated 300mm capable metrology tools that can address a variety of applications such as bump height, roughness, etch depth, film thickness as well as wafer bow


The Zeta3D software has a simple and intuitive user interface for data acquisition and analysis. A short learning curve for engineers and operators leads to better productivity.


The high resolution 3D optical profiler takes less than 30 sec per measurement. Bump height, roughness, film thickness (or reflectivity) and wafer bow can be measured without the need for unloading the wafer and moving it to a new tool.


The Zeta-580 meets Class 100 standards and can be equipped with a 300mm EFEM with dual load ports, pre-aligner and ionizer. The multi-functional Zeta 3D software completes the fab ready package.

Photo-resist Roughness

Photo-resist Roughness

Nanometer scale PR Roughness

Solder Bump Metrology

Solder Bump Metrology

Bump height and dimensions

Under Bump Metrology

Under Bump metrology

Bump dimensions & roughness

Thick Photo-resist

Thick Photo-resist

Multi-layer analysis

Multi-Mode Optics for any type of measurement

The Zeta-580 is available with several advanced imaging techniques:

  • ZDot™ innovative 3D imaging is standard on all our optical profilers. The ZDot technology enables True Color imaging and a 13nm step resolution.
  • ZiC enhanced differential Interference Contrast imaging is great for nanometer level surface roughness even over a 4.5mm field of view.
  • ZSi Shearing Interferometer provides Angstrom level vertical resolution on the smoothest of surfaces over a large field of view.
  • ZX5 Vertical Scanning Interferometry is ideal for measuring nanometer heights over 4.5mm field of view.
  • ZFT Visible range integrated Spectroscopic Reflectometer for thin film thickness, reflectivity and refractive index measurements.

Shorter Process Feedback Cycle

Multi-Mode Optics means shorter lead time for process feedback, saving valuable time. Having multiple measurement capabilities within one system eliminates wafer transfer steps between several metrology and review tools. In one process step, the Zeta-500 series profilers can perform height, dimensions, roughness, bow, reflectivity and thickness measurements.

The high resolution 3D images and analysis from the Zeta-580 optical profilers also provide the answers for most defects and process excursions. This reduces the number of wafers or sites that need to be reviewed by the time-consuming and expensive AFM or SEM analysis. Zeta-500 is capable of measuring from nanometers all the way up to millimeters.

Copper Reflectivity Mapping

Copper Reflectivity Mapping

Cu reflectivity at 480nm on a patterned 300mm wafer

Poly-imide Film Thickness

Poly-imide Film Thickness

PI thickness distribution over 49 sites on a 300mm wafer

Oxide Film Thickness

Oxide Film Thickness

The integrated spectrometer can be used for process development

Wafer Bow

Wafer Bow

Wafer Bow can be measured and plotted in 2D or 3D

Full Wafer Mapping

The automated wafer deskew and pattern matching capability in the Zeta3D software can be used to set up a multi-site sequence. Typical 9-site and 49-site maps can be easily created and executed. Data is stored in text or csv format, making it easy to export.

Wafer Bow & Film Stress

Semiconductor fabs have typically relied on a line scan approach to measure 2D bow of wafers, either with laser based or with stylus profilers. Now, with the Zeta-500 series profilers, the process engineer can program in an array of measurements across the wafer and get the complete 3D wafer warp profile. Pre and Post film deposition measurements are used to calculate the Film Stress.

Automated Bump Height and Roughness

Automated Bump Height and Roughness

2.5D Interconnect Application

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